Build on your foundation of friendship and respect, and learn to let the little things go.
Couples Therapy in Long Beach and Seal Beach
LGBT couples therapy in Long Beach and Seal Beach

Why Couples Therapy?

Your friends and family consider you a power couple. They admire your relationship because you're successful, social, and completely in love.

What they don't see is how you and your partner seem to be drifting apart. And when you do spend time together, little disagreements turn into huge fights. 

How do you balance meeting each others' needs and your own expectations? What if you could reconnect to each other instead of focusing on all the other things filling up your life? 

Most often, I see couples who want to work at their relationship, but get frustrated that their ideas keep backfiring.

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the nice person's guide to setting boundaries

One person is feeling disappointed, and the other feels like they get no credit for trying. You accuse each other of controlling the relationship. You're resentful that you overlooked those early "red flags," or you're still hurt from an old disagreement.

You're not sure if you can make it work - or if you even want to.

How Couples Counseling Can Help

I offer relationship counseling for people at any stage of their relationship, in addition to marriage counseling and pre-marital counseling.

I use a research-based approach to therapy that helps couples build on their strengths, and practice acceptance of themselves and each other. 

Couples therapy isn't about changing yourself or your partner - it's about learning to navigate conflict in a way that is meaningful for each of you. Yes, this can be uncomfortable, but the relief and reconnection that comes afterward is definitely worth it.

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It's OK to go to bed angry

Couples therapy can be a great way to work through your communication and behavior patterns with a neutral person in the room. It's not about "who's right and who's wrong," but about truly understanding yourself and each other, so that you don't continue to repeat the same disagreements. 

LGBT+ Couples

Prospect Therapy is an affirming practice that welcomes couples of all genders and orientations, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and nonbinary folks. I am a bisexual cisgender woman and have been working with the LGBTQ+ community since 2011. I recognize the impact that internalized homo/bi/transphobia and heterosexism can have on queer relationships. I don't over-emphasize or ignore your sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Couples sessions are 75 minutes, and appointments are available evenings and weekends. I see mostly couples from Long Beach, Seal Beach and surrounding areas.

Contact me for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment here, or call (562) 704-4736 to reach me directly.


What happens in Couples Therapy?


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