what is depression?

High-functioning depression is harder to identify than the typical "movie version" of depression. That's because most of the impact is internal.

You still show up for work, are able to pay your bills, and mostly reply to texts. Friends and family might not notice anything is different. To them, you seem like yourself.

But internally, everything feels impossible

Small chores are overwhelming. Committing to friends is hard. You don't know if you will feel like going to that party in two weeks. In fact, you've lost interest in most things that you used to love. You're just trying to make it through the day.

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Signs of depression

When you don't feel like yourself

The clean and dirty laundry piles are starting to turn into one big monster pile. Meanwhile, you're filling up online shopping carts with more stuff you don't need. Maybe a new outfit will make you feel better?

The fridge is empty, so you order take-out that you probably shouldn't be ordering. You tell yourself you're just taking it easy today.

It's not exactly sadness that you're feeling. You just don't feel anything. And if you do, it's either irritation, or hopelessness.

You tell yourself, "I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm just taking care of myself today."

But tomorrow comes, and you feel disappointed that nothing has changed. You start to worry that you'll never feel better. You look around and wonder, "How did my life turn into this?"


how to cure Depression

Depression isn't your fault. And it's not something you can always fix on your own. (Hey, if you could, you would have by now!) Plus, it can be hard to spot what's going on. If other people don't notice, then it can't be that bad, right?

All you know is you feel disconnected. Like you're just going through the motions. You feel left out of the life you worked so hard for.

The cure for depression isn't just "to feel happy" again. You just want to feel connected to something.


How Therapy Can Help

First of all, therapy can co-exist with your life. People avoid seeking help because they think they will have to change everything all at once. Like, "My therapist going to make me start waking up early and meal prepping." It's a good thing therapy doesn't work like that!

We work with you on your terms.

Sometimes just scheduling the appointment makes people feel better. You can start to make other decisions, little by little, that you feel proud of. Instead of just doing the bare minimum to get by. Small things won't feel so overwhelming.

You'll have a place to vent, cry, and say your fears out loud. Without judgment, and without expectation. 

One day, you'll wake up, and you will feel like yourself again.

Once you feel a little better, we can look under the surface and see where your depression comes from. You might already have a pretty good idea about this, and don't want to go there. Which, sorry, is what keeps your depression coming back.

We'll go there, when you're ready. 

With therapy, your depression won't come back as frequently, as intensely, or last as long.

You can learn to spot your depression from a mile away, so that next time, you can get out of its way.


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