You’re the one people turn to, but who is there for you?

For people who are used to handling things on their own, it can be hard to decide when it's time for professional help. On one hand, you love being the reliable one. Yes, you can be a little bit stubborn, or kind of a control-freak, but people end up relying on you anyway. 

On the other hand, you feel irritated and sometimes resentful that you have to be the reliable one. Everyone seems to be fine letting you take the lead, and it's starting to get annoying. You think about saying something, but you talk yourself out of it by feeling guilty for not appreciating what you have. You care about your reputation, and the last thing you want is for people to think you're needy.

Impostor Syndrome Long Beach

5 ways to cure impostor syndrome

Therapy helps align your choices with your values, set limits with others in a way that feels authentic to you, and help you see patterns and habits in your relationships. You probably feel like you have to control things around you. But what if that need for control is actually holding you back? Look at all you're doing now. Imagine what you could do with the right help? 

Most often, we work with high-achieving individuals who are accustomed to hard work and success, but are frustrated because their standards feel too high for everyone around them

We can help you if:

  • You can't tell if you're a pushover, or just being a good friend. Your relationships don't feel like a two-way street.

  • You struggle to connect with your family, and aren't sure how much more effort you should be putting in.

  • You wish you were in a more stable place emotionally, financially, and socially, and feel like you'll never get there.

  • You're worried you aren't "going anywhere" in your career, and wonder why it seems so easy for other folks.

  • You're having anxiety attacks or panic attacks. You excessively worry over small things.

  • You think you might have depression. You're having trouble sleeping, your motivation has dropped, or you don't find pleasure in things that used to excite you.

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed by your anger, or you have a really short temper.

  • You're still feeling the effects of a major life change, loss or traumatic event.

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Individual sessions are 50 minutes, and appointments are available evenings and weekends. Prospect Therapy welcomes individuals of all genders and orientations in Long Beach, Seal Beach, and surrounding areas.

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