You don’t have to be a one-person revolution when you’re looking for help.

We strive to create a welcoming and affirming setting for clients of all genders and orientations to address the issues that bring them to therapy, whether those issues are related to gender identity or not.

What is Affirming Therapy?

Affirming therapy means going beyond simply taking a positive approach to people's identities, respecting their pronouns, or calling ourselves"LGBT-friendly."

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What Does "Affirming" Mean?

Transphobia, erasure, and oppression are real, lived experiences. They can affect an individual's emotional health, relationships, and overall well being. A trans-affirming therapist will understand the multidimensional impact this can have.

We consider that not every issue a trans person experiences is a result of their gender identity. We don't assume that your identity is a problem for you. We are honest about our limitations and privileges as cisgender folks working with a transgender or nonbinary person. 

We make sure that we are showing up for our clients and staying current through regular consultation with transgender and nonbinary professionals, participating in ongoing clinical training, and being active members of our community to make sure that we provide the best possible care. We are currently members of WPATH (the World Professional Association for Transgender Health).

One way we continue to support our mission for access to inclusive and affirming services for all identities is our partnership with Building Allies, a trans-led organization that works to educate and empower cisgender individuals to become active-allies for the transgender and nonbinary communities. 


What to ask your Trans-Affirming therapist

When seeking a therapist, these are some questions you may want to ask:

  • How many transgender or nonbinary clients have you worked with, over what period of time?

  • Who are some of the trans or nonbinary leaders that you follow?

  • Have you written letters for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or GCS (gender confirming surgeries)?

  • What type of training have you completed and how recent was the last one?

I don’t want therapy, I just need a letter

Prospect Therapy offers this service, which you can read about by clicking here. We respect people’s autonomy over their own bodies and avoid gatekeeping. You don’t need to be an ongoing therapy client to receive letters to support medical transition.

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You just want to start feeling better, instead of dodging ignorant questions or feeling put on a pedestal. We’ve definitely been guilty of trying to win the “best cis ally” award. We invite all potential clients to call us and see if we’re a good fit.

Prospect Therapy welcomes individuals and couples who are seeking an affirming and welcoming setting where they can be themselves. For those who are seeking a therapist who is transgender, we are happy to make referrals.

Send us a message by clicking below, or call us directly at (562) 704-4736.