You don’t have to be a one-person revolution when you’re looking for help.

I strive to create a welcoming and affirming setting for clients of all genders and orientations to address the issues that bring them to therapy, whether those issues are related to gender identity or not.

What is Affirming Therapy?

Affirming therapy means going beyond taking a positive approach to people's identities, respecting their pronouns, or simply being "LGBT-friendly." Affirming therapy understands that transphobia is multi-dimensional, and considers its effects on an individual's psychology, relationships, and overall wellbeing. It means understanding that the oppression and erasure of trans and gender-nonconforming folks is a real, lived experience, not something to be explained away. It also means understanding that not every issue a trans person experiences is a result of their gender identity, or assuming that their identity is a problem for them. It means being honest about my limitations and privileges as a cisgender woman working with a person of trans experience. 

Working with a trans affirming therapist means not having to educate your treatment provider on anything other than your own experience before you can get to work on the issues that brought you to therapy. I make sure that I'm showing up for my clients, and stay current through regular consultation with trans and gender nonconforming professionals, participating in ongoing clinical training, and being an active member of my community to make sure that I provide the best possible care.

One way I continue to support my mission for access to inclusive and affirming services for all identities is my partnership with Building Allieswhich works to educate and empower cisgender individuals to become active-allies for the trans and gender nonconforming communities. 


I welcome individuals and couples who are seeking an affirming and welcoming setting where they can be themselves. For those who are seeking a therapist who is transgender, I am happy to make referrals.

Contact me for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment here, or by calling me directly at (562) 704-4736.

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What Does "Affirming" Mean?