What Your Childhood Home Can Teach You

Take me to your childhood home.

Get in a comfortable seated position. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. (Just kidding, keep reading.)

Maybe you grew up in more than one place. Think back. Where would you say you spent the most time? Let's go there.


What is the street like? Are we on a busy boulevard? A peaceful cul-de-sac? An unpaved road?


Who are your neighbors? Is there a front yard? Are we on the sidewalk, or on grass? Can we see a garage? What other buildings are near your home? Describe your neighborhood.


What time of day is it? What time of year? Feel the climate. Are you chilly or do you feel the sun on your skin? Is it windy, rainy, snowy, sunny? Do you hear traffic, voices, music, animals, sprinklers? What do these sounds remind you of?


How do you feel when you're on this street? What do you remember about this part of town?


We're facing your home now. What's the number of your building? Is it a house? An apartment building? A different kind of building? Describe the exterior. Can you see inside the windows? What do you see? How many people live here?


What do others say about your home? What reputation do you have for living here?


Take my hand and lead me through the front door. 


What is the first room we enter? How much light is in this room? Is it cluttered or tidy? What is the furniture like? Look around. Describe what you see.


Does this room invite you in? Does it feel sterile? Do you want to stay, or get out? Do you feel frozen? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel fondness for this home?


Pay attention to the sounds, smells, temperature. What other activity is going on in your home? Who's home, and what are they doing? Who do you live with in this home? How do they treat you? 


Who's missing? Where are they?


How old are you in this home?


What feeling comes over you?


What did you need from the people in this home that you didn't get?

How are you trying to meet that need now?



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