How to Tell if your Partner Respects You

Couples sometimes panic when they start having the same disagreement over and over again. They're worried it's a sign of a fundamental mismatch in their relationship. They may avoid the disagreement to avoid potentially ending the relationship. But that makes things worse!

Plus, most of the time they don't even avoid the conflict because it comes out anyway. 

I spoke with Jamie Kravitz at Elite Daily a few weeks ago about how to tell if your partner respects you. I believe that almost any relationship can be improved, and a disagreement (even a frustrating, recurring one) doesn't necessarily mean the end. 

The most important building blocks of a relationship include respect, trust and commitment. Disagreements are often stemming from damage to one of these pillars. Jamie wrote a great article (which you can read on Elite Daily by following this link) about how to tell if your partner respects you, and when it might be time to re-evaluate your relationship.


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