Engaged Couples: Handling the Bad Days Before Your Big Day

You might know that I’ve partnered with Long Beach Bride, an organization of local vendors with one mission: To celebrate beautiful, authentic and multi-cultural love filled weddings that reflect the diversity of our amazing city, the local rock star vendors that share their talents and the gorgeous locations in which they happen. 

I’m like, “Couples therapists kind of count as wedding vendors, right?? It’s important!”

If you’ve planned a wedding, big or small, you know that things quickly take on new meaning. Family and friends come out of the woodwork with surprising opinions on all the details. “You have to have valet parking.” Or, “I won’t go if it’s not a religious ceremony.” “I always imagined that I would do a reading and now you’re saying I can’t?” (I don’t know why you were imagining that buddy, we’re not even close….)

It becomes easy to lose focus of what - and who - is important to you in the process. But it’s OK. Even if it’s your partner who is surprising you the most, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed.

I wrote a blog post over at Long Beach Bride, which you can read by clicking here. Hopefully it gives you some tips for both keeping your cool and actually addressing issues as they come up. Don't panic if you have disagreements before you get married. The important thing is to learn how to address these issues as they come up. That's a skill that will take you to your 25th anniversary and beyond.

Happy planning!

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